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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Boring @$#% About The Mayoral Race

Oh God, please make it stop.................The Baltimore Sun has now weighed in, yet pretty much all it can do is report on the official campaign finance report that is filed with the City Clerk's Office. The Sun completely missed what CP reported on over a week ago-namely that a man by the name of Frank Flyntz already has a web-site up but they did not mention him. Perhaps he has not filed or raised any money about which to file? (Hmm, CP saying that The Sun does not read CP?...No. The Sun reporters do read CP, they just don't want to admit they were scooped--again. Does this remind you of The Capital?)

The Sun did go into a bit of detail about how another putative mayoral hopeful Chuck Weikel is going on the rampage about candidate Trudy McFall (see CP's earlier post about her "out of the gate" fundraising activity. Weikel is angry apparently about her fundraising and claims she should return some of her dollars. None the less, in the interest of fairness, CP, who has written positively about Weikel and McFall, wonders what Weikel is doing. First of all, he is a leading Democratic activist and it does not sit well with me to see this going on. McFall's campaign manager Dennis Conti, has met with me to talk about McFall's fundraising, her campaign and issues and I've always been impressed by Conti's willingness to engage in frank and candid discussion. On the other hand, I am getting a bit upset by Weikel's willingness to point fingers and be so reactive. There's some bad blood between them and if Democratic unity (is there such a thing?)is important, then he should tone it down. My impression is that Conti and McFall have taken the high road. Perhaps Chuck has learned too much from the mayor. While Conti has met with me, Weikel, has not even shared his latest missives with me. Perhaps he has sensed that CP is focused on being fair and equally firm toward all candidates.

CP is sick and tired of vituperation, personal attacks and all these other "trivial pursuits." I've taken Alderman Cordle to task for doing that to Weikel. And finally, I'll say it again, I wish I did not even have to cover this until next Spring. Already it is getting ridiculous. Madness, I tell ya. Madness! The horror! The horror!

See "Mayoral candidates get an early jump" at,0,4141756.story" (sorry but the hyper link is not working...)


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