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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Comp. Plan....Nearing Adoption

The Draft Annapolis Comprehensive Plan will be introduced for First Reading at the May 11, 2009 City Council meeting. This begins the City Council review and adoption process. No presentation or discussion of the Draft Plan is expected on this date. The City Council is expected to designate a June date for a Public Hearing.

City Council Agendas are posted on the City web page:

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Anonymous said...


CA-06-09 is an overtly political piece of legislation that is pro-incumbent and anti-citizen. This simply means another year of bad policies coming from City Hall with no check on the current administration, the costs of which will far exceed the $175,000 in proposed savings. This legislation turns our local elections into highly-charged partisan elections, where local issues will be forced to take a back seat to federal, state, and county issues. We all know that local government is where the rubber meets the road and people’s lives are most affected, and I believe the issues facing our City are important enough that they should not take a back seat to anyone or anything. In addition, this charter amendment, if passed, will effectively cause our City elections to lose their identity and be just another part of the overall mix.

If this was something that needed to be done, it should have been on the Agenda in 2007 or 2008, not four months before the scheduled primary election.

This is another glaring example of the incompetence within the Moyer Administration. After all, if you cannot seek or win re-election, and do not support a ballot initiative with growing support, just change the rules and extend your term until you can craft the outcome you ultimately seek.


Scott Bowling

Paul Foer said...

Scott I think this is just the shot across the bow. We need to think this through and fight it as best we can and understand all the possible motives and outcomes. Regardless of the details, one more day of this corrupt Moyer Administration is more than any of us should stand. This move is likely to fly back into Hoyle's and Shropshire's faces. Any council member who votes in support of this votes for another year of Moyer and alienates everyone who is tired of her and everyone who is supportive of current non-incumbent candidates such as you and many others. Talk about an assault on representative government.

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