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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Breaking News: Substance Misuse Overdose and Possible Death in Eastport

Police and emergency crews were called to a small home near the Eastport Fire Station on Jefferson St. on the block between Brashears and Wells Streets, where an apparent overdose and possible death occurred this morning.  The victim, from what I gather, was a young, white male, and was taken on to an emergency vehicle  with a respirator on sometime early this morning. According to one witness, a long barreled firearm was also removed by police. Uniformed officers including a sergeant and plain clothes detectives were still active on the scene as late as 10:30.

The home was a rental unit, and the tenants appeared to consist of both a core group of residents and many transient visitors.  A similar incident occurred next-door to CP a couple of years ago so this is not necessarily isolated or rare, even in "decent" neighborhoods. Police on the scene and at headquarters have not released any information or confirmed the report. More as it becomes available....

CP NOTE: I refer to it as substance "misuse" rather than abuse. A person taking dangerous drugs is not abusing the drug, but is abusing himself or herself. A person taking dangerous drugs is misusing the drug, hence the term drug or substance misuse. Taking dope may be a form of self abuse through drug misuse, but it is not drug abuse. Some might say, for example, that taking one aspirin may be drug use, but taking a hundred might be drug abuse. How can one abuse an inanimate substance? This argument could go both ways, but that's my take. I have no information about what substances may have been involved.

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