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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Democrat Demolition Derby Races On....

The following was sent to CP totally unsolicited by Eastport resident and former DNR employee Raj Williams. The views do not necessarily represent those of CP or its publisher...also known as CP:

I am concerned about the integrity and future of the Democratic Party. The hypocrisy of the Party was evident at yesterday’s Unity Rally at Loew’s Hotel. The Governor talked about how the Democratic Party is all inclusive and made a reference to the Republican Party not being so inclusive. Yeah, like Michael Steele who is the head of the Republican Party…. And the last time I checked he is a Black gentleman! Also, as mentioned in previous e-mails to you, I was nominated for Presidential appointment by a Republican gentleman while the Democrats canned me from my mid level position with MDNR that I had obtained solely based on my qualifications.
By the way, the table with DNR employees you pointed to me was pretty obvious. All white male and female with no pre-existing health conditions, and a couple of them (Darlene Pisani and Scott Hymes) with high paying jobs that they got with inadequate qualification and experience to justify their positions. But like the Governor said, it is the “connections” that people have that helps. In the case of State Government this is nothing other than Democratic White collar welfare that is bleeding the taxpaying citizens and destroying the Democratic Party. Tony Evans whom the Governor spotted (for something!) has a daughter in law who worked as an aide to then Governor Schaeffer and now has a position as Assistant Secretary at DNR. Once again, white collar welfare at its best!

The makeup of the Democratic Party was pretty evident last evening. All the folks at the upper echelon were white males………. Starting with Governor O’Malley, Speaker Busch, Chuck Weikel (mentioned), Nick Berry, now Josh Cohen (mayoral candidate). Where is the room for people like me with no money, power, (money buys influence), position (one that I got with my own steam was taken away!) to get ahead or just plain survive with no health insurance once COBRA is over? What is the Party doing for me? And why should I support the failing Democratic Party whose values are to employ people with inadequate education and qualifications while laying off educated people with experience? Where is the leadership the Governor referred to? I hope Chuck, Nick, or Speaker Busch have some answers to my questions. Or like in the past, they just ignore my questions and hope I go away like Patrick Swayze!!

Seriously, I am concerned for the future of the Democratic Party which should be using my example as the classic case for President Obama’s healthcare bill when a person gets laid off with pre-existing health conditions and will have a difficult time getting new health insurance. Now, is the Party willing to put me out there in DC to testify on behalf of the Party to help pass President Obama’s health care bill or will folks at the upper echelon (Speaker Busch, etc.) be afraid of teeing the Governor off since it was his administration that laid me off? Time will tell but I for one doubt the long term viability and health of the Democratic Party. And I have been supportive of the Democrats until now by attending both President Obama’s and O’Malley’s inauguration events as well as numerous fund raisers for the Party thus far. God save the Democrats!!!

Unless there is a turn around nationally by Democrats and others, with regards to hiring and retaining qualified people, we the tax payers can end up in serious trouble for a long time. Mark my words!!!!


- Raj

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Will Small said...

Can anyone make a credible case that we are not in dire financial straits for a long time already?

Thanks for writing.

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