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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun and Games at The Democratic Breakfast Club--Kirby Shows Up Late (again) and Weikel Uses Silverman's Name and Photo Without His Permission

Kenny Kirby shows up late---again (see below)  and Weikel pulls another boo-boo...

Ward Five's Mat Silverman told me this morning that he knew nothing about having been included in Darth Weikel's event next week--the one scheduled at the same time as a major Democratic event as reported in a previous post. Weikel used Silverman's name and photo without his permission.

When I raised this to Silverman and Ian Pfeiffer (Kenny Kirby was late--as usual) at the Democratic Breakfast Club this morning, organizer Edie Segree, for some unclear reason, tried to silence me but the audience members urged my question on (she later apologized). Pfeiffer pontificated but Silverman, a policeman, said "I'll be driving around in a county police car at that time."

But--the best part of all was when Ward Six's Kenny Kirby showed up late--again.

He makes a habit of this as I have reported before about the primary forum on public housing IN HIS OWN WARD--and at another Democratic breakfast--and at an event in Eastport again last week. Invited guests Pfeiffer and Silverman were there about 7:30 and got their five minutes of fame, but Kirby was late. Apparently that is a theme in his life. Kirby arrived at about 8:15 after Pfeiffer and Silverman had already taken questions, but Segree gave Kirby his five minutes--which coincided exactly with my 8:15 appearance on WNAV!  Murphy's Law. I had to duck out and go on the air.

Some notable Kirby quotes. After arriving 45 minutes late he said "I apologize for being a bit tardy" and gave some garbled excuse as to why.

Twice he said, "We're in sort of a recession." To which I say fer real? Yuthink?

On Ellen Moyer he said, "She's done us well...I think Ellen has a lot of  [gray? brain?] matter between her ears that is very valuable...I want her to be my friend not foe." To which I say maybe this gray or brain matter could be donated to science??? As in political science? Actually Kirby is her foe, as in FOE--Friend of Ellen.  I am glad to know that the man who thinks 45 minutes late is a bit tardy and that we're in a bit of a recession thinks that Ellen's gray or brain matter is very valuable.

However, an audience member did get Kirby to respond to a question about what he did for a living. Kirby said he had been executive director and community organizer of the Franklin Field Housing Development for 7 years (it's in Boston) and also says he is currently a community ambassador with Annapolis High School.  Why does he not state that in his literature? But those answers may just be yet another part of the mystery that is unfolding about Mr. Kirby???  Stay tuned.....

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Janet Norman said...

Paul -
Can you provide any more detail on the phrase "Pfeiffer pontificated" regarding his association w/ the Weikel organized fundraiser? Ward 7 is my Ward and I am very concerned about Ian having any association w/ Weikel. Did Ian provided justifications (curious if those exist, really)? Burned by the attack dogs previously, not ready to hand over the reins or foothold to them...

Paul Foer said...

Perhaps pontificate was not the best choice of words. He basically explained that as a candidate he felt it was important to be at as many events and to meet as many people as he could. I would like for you to provide further details about your concerns regarding Darth Weikel. (Did you like the Star Wars analogue?)I will make sure Ian gets your comment and perhaps he will respond here as well. Thanks!

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