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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Really Educational Bus Tour of Annapolis.....The Next Two Thursdays

THIS THURSDAY the 22nd.......CP invites all candidates and interested citizens to join us for a bus ride on an Annapolis Transit bus. Learn first-hand from CP what's right and what needs to be fixed on our city buses and how our next mayor and council can take action. This is a perfect opportunity for candidates AND voters to learn about Annapolis Transit. Join us outside of Sly Fox Pub just after Sip N' Blog at about 0900 and we'll walk to the customer waiting shelter at Calvert and West to catch our ride. We hope to do this next Thursday as well, leaving from the Bay Ridge Giant, also just after Sip N Blog--so meet at Zu Coffee on the 29th just after 0900 if interested. Quit talking about what's wrong with our bus system and let's make sure the next mayor and council do something about it!

LISTEN TO CP Publisher Paul Foer on 1430WNAV at 8:15 every weekday morning.
READ CP Publisher Paul Foer's "The Ninth Ward" every Wednesday in The Capital
JOIN US EACH THURSDAY 8-9 am for our Sip N' Blogs normally at ZU Coffee, 934 Bay Ridge Road in the Giant Shopping Center.Oct 22--Chris Fox (at Sly Fox Pub State Circle)Oct 29--Dave Cordle. Stop by on your way to work for your morning latte and meet other local activists. Zu now has a drive-through window!

1 Comment:

Big Daddy Mike said...

No way anybody shows up. Annapolis has busses for the poor people, that's the way it's seen by most. I applaud your attempt and hope beyond hope that it is successful.

When you get them on bikes, let me know and I'll show up for that early and stay late. You probably have a better chance with the bus thing than a bike thing. And don't be wary of the weather: may ride year-round so the pols should too.

Great work, good luck.

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