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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sam Of The Shire in Slovakia..Is The Flighty Alderman a Flight Risk? Weather is Beautiful...Wish You Were Here

We hereby interrupt this broadcast to bring you Alderman Sam Shropshire's latest report from his "vacation" in Slovakia. Good Sam of The Shire writes on Facebook:

"Visiting my family in Slovakia. We're in the middle of a small blizzard here! It's cold and snowing, but we have warm hearts and glowing spirits".

As readers know, the controversial alderman from Ward Seven, who received a handful of citywide votes in his Quixotic mayoral quest, was sent at our expense on the recent city junket to Pilsen in The Czech Republic. Yes, "we" received some kind of Boss Ellen Legacy Award but we spent many thousands (Boss Ellen and crew do not seem to know-or they are not saying just how much), but Good Sam of the Shire was sent off at our expense--even though he has been charged with criminal sexual harassment stemming from an alleged incident with a male midshipman last summer. (Ironically, his absence at last Monday's City Council meeting due to Boss Ellen sending him SALLYING FORTH may have swayed some key votes away from the perpetually embattled and most unpopular--and soon-to-be-history mayor)

It seems that throughout the summer and fall, Sam carried on with his aldermanic duties and continued to run for mayor, despite his way, way, way more than long-shot odds, especially in the light of his impending court trial. So the mayor, at our expense sends the man who once lived under the assumed name of Jeff Collins, off on a jaunt to The Czech Republic. It seems that Shropshire's estranged wife and his daughter live next door in Slovakia, where Shropshire has lived, or has extensively visited.

Shropshire, who has no apparent or visible means of support, other than his meager aldermanic salary, and who has been known to take many of his meals in restaurants and coffee shops from his campaign donations, is now vacationing in Slovakia. The question is for how long? Will he return to face the music of his court date--and potential prison sentence?

I have long asked if he is a flight risk, though I do not believe I have posted it here, but I have mentioned and discussed it with many city activists. Others have brought it up as well. But Sam, who is still posting on Facebook, had this to say from Slovakia:

I am not anyone's negative opinion, nor will I be limited by their negative beliefs. I refuse to be bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the society in which I live. Through and by God's grace I am free, and when I consider the future...--well, "the prospects are as great as the promises of God." (at peace in Slovakia -- Sam)

He refuses to be bound by any of the fears or prejudices of the society in which [he lives].

The question remains as to which society he will be living in. But, if he stays, and avoids his court date, meaning he will not likely return here ever under his own volition, it would be an amazing occurrence in that we as taxpayers, and Ellen as the guardian of our dollars, would have paid for our elected official, Sam Shropshire, aka Jeff Collins to flee the laws of our country. Anybody know if Slovakia has an extradition agreement with the US? If he stays there, will Boss Ellen send a DNEP delegation to kidnap and bring him back? Maybe we'll see it on a Bounty Hunter reality show. (Thanks to an alert reader for pointing me to the Facebook page...)

P.S.  A reader has brought to my attention the fact that the US and Slovakia have an extradition treaty...but would that be for Sam Shropshire, or Jeff Collins???

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Allen Furth said...

Should Sam decide to flee would Ellen Moyer be charged with aiding and abetting?

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