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Monday, October 26, 2009

What Did The Mayor's Friendly Little Junket To Pilsen Cost We The Taxpayers?

It's not been easy getting the basic information, which in and of itself proves how poorly managed everything is at City Hall.  Here is a basic breakdown as provided by Rhonda Wardlaw from the mayor's office:

Frank Biba:  Air Fare $840.20 - lodging $630.87
Patricia Blick: Air Fare $1,061.40 - lodging $430.87
Karen Engelke: Air Fare $926.40 - lodging  0 ( paid for her own)
Mike Mallinoff: Air Fare $840.20 - lodging $630.87
Sam Shropshire: Air Fare $1,102.00 - lodging $630.87

Registration fees were waived for 4 participants, so there is a $250.00 charge for the 5th delegate.
Most meals were provided so any additional cost would be minimal.

Let's see, that comes to about $5000 for airfare plus about $2400 for lodging and we paid all these city employees while they were away for 4 or 5 days. I am sure it would mean many thousands of dollars of our money, but at City Hall these days, it's just a few pen strokes and voila--off to Pilsen!  (Why was Sam Shropshire's airfare more than $250 more than the other lowest fare?)

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