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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Word About Race In The Race

A couple of months ago, before our primary election I wrote about the role of race in the election race. I'd like to revisit that and again turn to the immortal words of the martyred Malcolm X to talk for a moment to address truth, freedom, power and yes, racism in our world.

Malcolm X said:"If you're afraid to tell the truth, why, you don't even deserve freedom."

"White, black, brown, red or yellow, it doesn't make any difference what color you are."

"The only thing power respects is power."

"They take one little word out of what you say, ignore all the rest and then begin to magnify it all over the world and make you look like what you actually are."

"Much of what I say might sound like it's stirring up trouble, but it's the truth..."

"We don't care who likes it or not, as long as we know it's the truth."

"No, we are neither this or that, this or that. If you're wrong, you're wrong. If you're right , you're right"

"You can't deny it. You may not like my saying it but you can't deny it."

To all loyal CP readers, please remember that this election is not a race about the race of the candidate. It is a race about the best candidate. It is just plain stupid to support or not support a candidate because of skin color. Stupid. Stupid if you're white and do it and stupid if you're black and do it. Some Democrats and Republicans alike have been doing that for years and pointing fingers at each other claiming the other does it--one way or the other, but it must stop.

With Obama in The White House, a Kunta-Kinte-Alex Haley memorial at City Dock, a Thurgood Marshall statue at Lawyer's Mall and a Banneker Douglass Museum, it is clear we have made a lot of progress. A lot of progress.

But we have further to go. Some people are afraid to criticize a black candidate because some knucklehead might label him or her a racist. In fact, if you are afraid to criticize a candidate because race might be inferred, what does that say? When you run for office, you are in the hot seat whether you are black or white, and as they say, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Whether we admit it or not,
racism still influences our lives. It has not disappeared from Annapolis and is manifested in different ways, in different places. It may be present in these elections, but we must strive to move beyond this in our daily lives and electoral politics. That would truly make us One Annapolis, a term that is unclear, yet was beaten around all over town during the primary.

This blog, this election, this government--it's all about we the people. You know--by, for and of the people? If you don't educate yourself, if you don't vote, you force the candidates to do all the thinking and controlling for you. GET INVOLVED. And please help me bring you the news and analysis that you value. I need your support. I need information, readers, advertisers and contributors of both words and money.

Remember what Malcolm X said:

"You can't deny it. You may not like my saying it but you can't deny it."

I hope you find this blog valuable and that this post has made some sense to you as well.

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1 Comment:

Will Small said...

Thank you CP. That mentality is helpful to advance our race's discussion on race.

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