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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boss Ellen Still Cannot Let it Go

The most vociferous opponent of a council-manager form of government is Mayor Ellen Moyer, herself one of the driving reasons as to why this issue has gained so much momentum in the past few years. She has misused her power and office as mayor to fight this on so many levels, and now with a few weeks left in office, she still won't give up. This is her latest , taken from the city's web-site:

The issue of whether to create a City Manager form of government for Annapolis has long been debated. To provide an opportunity for dialogue on the proposed charter amendment( NO.CA-08-09, introduced by Alderman Dave Cordle) and other municipal management options, Mayor Ellen Moyer invites the public to a forum on November 21, 2009. The agenda will include:
  1. An overview of city management options in Maryland
  2. Opportunities for citizens to: (a) identify criteria for choosing among the options; and (b) examine the CA-08-09 proposal
  3. Responses and ideas from experts
  4. A general discussion
Registration will be at 9:00 am with the forum taking place between 9:15 and Noon at The Council Chambers in Annapolis. To participate, please RSVP by e-mail to or call 410-263-7997. ______________

Geeze. She is relentless. Every time she fights it, it's like adding gasoline to a raging fire. She pulled this thing together at the last minute, and rumors and emails began circulating only last week about this event, for which there was no real publicity. You could say she's not opposing it, just providing a forum for information, but, that's what a normal mayor might do. The above advisory only appeared on the city's web-site sometime during the week preceding the event. FURTHERMORE.....Alderman Cordle was scheduled to be away this week. Not only that but well, I have to say again that  IT'S NOT A CITY MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT...THE CORRECT TERM IS COUNCIL-MANAGER. Oh well, why would we expect her to get it right?

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