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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cohen's Transition Team: A Diverse Mix of Citizens Headed By Stiverson and Pierre

This is really interesting. Mayor-elect Josh Cohen has chosen his former primary campaign rival Zina Pierre and Greg Stiverson, a former Republican Candidate for alderman, to co-chair his transition team. This was announced yesterday along with the names of the rest of his transition team which includes a lot of former candidates for office and people who might not be automatically thought of as political allies. For example, he put Dave Cordle as chair of the Public Safety Committee, Chris Fox on the Market House and City Dock Committee, and Doug Smith as chair of Government Structure and Permitting. Republican candidate for alderman Rock Toews was appointed to Housing and Community Service Committee along with Fox's campaign manager, Devin Heritage.The choice of people from both parties as well as his former competitors for office are indeed positive signs. He also has asked each of the aldermen to serve on a committee.

CP is pleased to have been chosen as a member of the Transportation and Parking Team to be headed by by Barbara Rasin Price, a co-founder of The Community Transportation Association of American, an organization with which CP has been associated with for over a decade. For complete details, visit:

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Gilbert Renaut said...

I haven't hesitated to criticize the Cohen campaign, so I am pleased to take the opposite tack and express hope for the new administration: I am extremely impressed by the extent to which the "idea" team chosen brings together a very full range of ideological and partisan "stakeholder" diversity. Good show.

Paul Foer said...

I praised the mayor-elect for exactly the same reasons on my show on WNAV this morning.

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