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Monday, November 23, 2009

I Am Touched...Thanks for Your Support...PLEASE HELP CP CONTINUE TO SERVE YOU

Sometimes  I wonder why I am writing this blog.  I occasionally get thanked,  often get hassled, sometimes get hate mail, frequently draw the ire of powerful people and every once in a while I am able to write a really good story that has some local impact. Sometimes I event get a financial contribution. But there is little public expectation that bloggers such as myself should get paid for what we are doing. I know, you are thinking, here he goes again, whining on about how we the readers should send him in a financial contribution.  Yep.......

That's exactly what I am doing, because this time of year while everybody is thinking about what they have to be thankful for, figuring who is on their gift list, thinking about slipping a little extra something to the trash collector, dog-walker, letter carrier, bartender, hairdresser or whomever, we bloggers would like to remind you while it's nice of you to slip them a little something, at least you are paying those folks day in and day out. What about we bloggers? We're part of a whole new media that has not even figured out an appropriate business model and none but the very biggest fish in this pond make any money.

I'll come right out and say it: This is one of the ways in which I earn my living while trying to serve the public. I am not on staff, not receiving benefits and well, heck, this is almost as bad as being an alderman! (I tried that but came in second...)

It's not all bad. This Sunday afternoon, after working in the yard, writing for a while and cleaning up the house, I took a nap. While I was slumbering, one of my loyal readers came by on her bicycle. My son answered the door, the biker slipped him a bag and said it was for me. The biker pedaled away but had left a lovely gift bag for me. There was some locally produced honey, award-winning canned peaches, a donation, a gift certificate and a lovely note that read:

Thank you for your hard work in keeping our community informed and actively engaged. I greatly value this service to Annapolis. Best wishes for more good stuff in the coming year.
Wow. Thank you. That was sooo nice. It made my day. And I am going to follow the recipe for the peaches and cream you also gave me. Thank you so much.

I have received some very kind and generous contributions from readers, and appreciate them very much, but in all sincerity, it is just not enough. I am trying to sell ads as well and making some progress, but that takes my time as well. So again dear readers, here is my plea to you. Send me a donation, help me out. Buy an ad. Tell a friend in business to buy an ad. We all expect to be compensated for our labors and everyone knows you can't get something for nothing. Please take a cue from this thoughtful reader who came to my home today. But a simple check will do. You don't have to pedal by and bring a gift--though it will of course be most appreciated.

If you think what I am doing has value and is beneficial to our community life, please help me out.

And of course, readers are welcome to my party on December 10th, but you'll need to write to me to get a personal invitation. I know it seems odd, but it has to be done this way to ensure the party remains "private." Just write to me or send a check to me at PAUL@FOERFRONT.COM

Thank you for your loyalty and your support.

Paul Foer

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Anonymous said...

you must find a way to market yourself. There is no dignity in begging my friend. Set a goal, imagine a way to entice people into giving you money in exchange for a service/product and JUST DO IT!

Paul Foer said...

Okay--so where is your contribution? You were prompted to write...anonymously...but other than free and well meaning advice, where's the beef? If this were so darn easy, how come huge, multinational media organizations are going bankrupt every day? This is the challenge of the new media. It's not just me. Okay, so are you going to help me do this, send me some money or just give me free advice?

Paul Foer said...

Dear Local Geek Who Wrote In...Yes--you are correct! But why be anonymous? Write to me please..of course I'd like to learn more... thanks pmf

Paul Foer said...

Dear Local Geek take two...I said you are correct and asked you to please write to me and I thanked you. You have already been helpful, but seriously, why remain anonymous and unknown to me? You can be much more helpful and much more appreciated--and able to be thanked..if you will contact me directly. That's not about "playing by rules" it's simply normal human interaction...Thank you again.

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