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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mayor Moyer and Minions Working Overtime to Cement Her Legacy

If it's not trying to name a building after herself, opening up the Recreation and Parks Building, rushing finally to open The Market House, or dedicate the new police headquarters, Mayor Ellen O. Moyer is now rushing to again show us her true green nature before she leaves office. She and her legions of highly-paid, sole-sourced and contractual appointees must have late-night bull sessions plotting how to improve her tarnished public image.

Or they are simply doing their job. I suppose one could question me for suggesting that any of these things are bad for our city. In an administration as irresponsible and so reflective of the mayor as is this one, most engaged citizens simply don't believe and question pretty much everything she does. That is our right and I believed we are justified. How culpable was she for the Market House debacle? How could she have pushed and pushed the Recreation building through without a viable plan for financing its operation? How much of the mess was she and her employees responsible for at the police department? (Hint-they hired and inspected the contractor and his operations)? While all this is going on and she goes about creating an energy park, a huge deficit was in the making and employees and elected officials tell me that we are in constant danger of our water supply being compromised due to ancient systems. And the truth can be found where??
On Friday, November 20th at 11:00 am she pulls out all stops to show us how green she is--again. Mayor Moyer will be joined by Environmental Protection Agency Director of the Chesapeake Bay Program Jeff Lape, Maryland, Department of Natural Resources Secretary John Griffin and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service supervisor Leo Miranda along with members of the city's Environmental Commission to hold a special environmental day event to highlight Annapolis' firm commitment to comply with President Obama's recent Executive Order regarding the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. The Mayor will be highlighting three special initiatives including reduction of impervious surfaces, Stormwater Management and the EZ Energy Credit Program. The event takes place at the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Visitors Bureau Office, 26 West Street.

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