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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sun Shines on Cohen, But Partly Cloudy As Well

CP has always poo-poohed endorsements, but The Baltimore Sun, which has pretty much ignored Annapolis and has not a clue about our local issues wrote its endorsements today, for what that's worth. Their editors more or less come out for Cohen, but they look at each candidate, provide pros and cons and some actual helpful advice about how to make your choice, so yes, it is worth a look.

On the other hand, they get some really important things WRONG. For example, it refers to Dave Cordle as a prosecutor. He's an investigator, not a prosecutor. And they continue to refer to a city manager form of government! No, please, not that one again!  HEY BALTIMORE SUN--there is no such things as a city manager form of government--and if you did your homework or read CP you would know the proper term is a council-manager form of government. This is not just verbiage. When it finally makes its endorsement known, it comes down to Cohen, but mainly because he is against the tax cap and against what they call the city manager form of government.

See The Sun at:,0,744255.story

NOTE: While The Capital is continuing to misuse this term regularly, What's Up Annapolis editor and blogger Nadja Maril is also misusing the term "city manager" form of government. See her otherwise informative and entertaining posts at

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Paul A. Richards said...

Boy, Paul, you are stubborn.

The BALTIMORE SUN really endorsed JOSH COHEN. They didn't back into a luke warm endorsement. They backed JOSH COHEN.

As to your rant on City Manager form of government: 2 comments.
1. Google Search has 700,000 more hits with City Manager form of Gov vs. Council-Manager form of gov. So, usage counts!
2. City Manager is closer to the reality of how it will work, especially with this City Council.

who is voting for JOSH COHEN

Paul Foer said...

It was lukewarm. But--as I have said before, I would like you to contact me directly so I can confirm that you really are Paul A Richards, You send a lot of comments--and perhaps you'll considering writing in the form of something other than just brief comments. As for referring to my concerns as a "rant" well, too bad. thanks pmf aka CP

tlh said...


lukewarm? could they have made it any clearer?

They endorsed JOSH!

once again, your biases are showing...

Paul Foer said... biases are showing? And??? It was lukewarm, as was The Capital's, but hey--I reported on it. Is there anything I can do that would satisfy you? Do you not have anything to say about the hate literature?

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