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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Economic Development Director Miron "Retires"

Another highly paid, politically active, controversial Moyer appointee that has come under fire, is leaving city government.  Mayor Joshua J. Cohen has announced that "Michael Miron, a longtime Eastport resident, businessman and entrepreneur who has successfully guided the City’s economic development for the past eight years, will retire April 1 as director of the Department of Economic Affairs."

The "successfully guided" part is from the mayor's news release.

Miron, a FOE (Friend of Ellen),  had his stature and salary elevated when this department was created from what had been merely an "office". While The Market House debacle was the big black eye in this equation, there have been improvements and upgrades, notably in Inner West Street and with the creation of the Arts District.

The transition or "idea team" report about this department may be found at Let's just hope that this gives the mayor and his staff the opportunity to forge ahead with serious economic development in our city, with its particularily stinging reputation of being a business-unfriendly city.

I don't plan to delve into this more. ...mayor's news release continued...

"Mike has contributed so much to our community, as a business owner and
community leader, and most recently as the Director of Economic
Affairs," Mayor Cohen said.  "I will continue to seek his counsel on the
critically important work of supporting our local businesses and
strengthening our economy. Mike is a longtime friend, and I wish him and
Shelley all the best in his retirement."

Miron has worked for the City in the economic development sector since
2001. During his tenure, he helped recruit and maintain businesses to
create jobs and expand the commercial tax base in Annapolis.

As revitalization efforts along Inner West Street and elsewhere have
flourished over the past decade, Miron pursued opportunities to further
bolster Annapolis’ economic vitality. He guided and oversaw the State
of Maryland designated Annapolis’ Arts and Entertainment District and
the Annapolis Main Street Program (Downtown Annapolis Partnership).  His
office has also promoted and developed ongoing workshops and seminars to
encourage minority and small business growth in Annapolis.

Additionally, Miron chaired the Pre-Application Conference Committee, a
successful city initiative that began in 2002, and included other
department heads, code officials and city staff, to guide commercial
development through the site design and permit ting process at the
preliminary stage.

A former president of the Eastport Business Association in the 1980s
and past chairman of the City of Annapolis Planning Commission, Miron
has been a fixture of the Annapolis business community for the past 30
years. He made his start as owner of the Eastport Mobil Service Center
in 1971, and he later owned the Eastport Shell Service station.  From
there, he owned two other successful local businesses until 1998 before
he became business manager for the Annapolis Maritime Museum and a
principal at Spa Creek Associates, a small business and museum
consulting firm.

Mayor Cohen has made economic development a top priority of his
administration.  The administration and City Council are reviewing ways
to reform and strengthen the structure of the Economic Affairs
department.  During the interim period after April 1, the Mayor’s
Office will assume direct responsibility for economic development with
day-to-day operations assigned to Chief Administrative Officer Doug

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Alex Pline said...

This reminds me of some sage words told to me by a former director of a non-profit: "What do you say to a volunteer that screws up and you have to ask them to leave?... Thank You." Sounds like quintessential Josh, work it behind the scenes for a win-win.

Paul Foer said...

Tat may be fine when dealing with a volunteer in a non-profit, but this is a highly paid, appointee in government....but your point is well taken...I can just wait to see what he says about the transportation director when her time offfically arrives

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