Monday, February 22, 2010


I will say this yet again for those of you out there who through your own inability to understand plain English or your unwillingness to face the facts:

1. I, Paul Foer, publisher of Annapolis Capital Punishment do not and will not make anonymous or pseudonymous comments on any blog. Period. Anyone who tries to make it appear or to suggest that I am engaging in such activity is lying.  Furthermore, I discourage anyone from making anonymous or pseudonymous comments and I disdain such practice. Period. Considering all the things I write and say where I have no compunction about identifying myself, why the heck would I bother trying to hide my identity elsewhere?

2. I do not open, read or otherwise pay any attention to anonymous comments coming to this blog. They are either automatically filtered out or auto-deleted before they are ever opened or read.

3. To the anonymous person or persons who are so inclined to write through this blog,  I urge you to seek professional help for your obvious personality disorders and your racist, vitriolic, bigoted and anti-Jewish displays of anger and hatred....oh and ignorance as well....and there are negatives too.

4. If you think we and others do not know who you are....uhhhh....guess again.

5. The policy of rejecting anonymous comments and of accepting all comments from bona fide individuals remains--with the exception of Craig Purcell and Chuck Weikel.

6. Speaking of the two, uh, er, uh, gentlemen mentioned above, any relationship between items 1 through 4 and those mentioned in number 5 above is purely coincidental.

I am Paul Foer and I approved this message.


Big Daddy Mike said...

Anonymity is both the blessing and curse of the internet. In this case, your personal curse.

I have used the services of Google Analytics to track who sees certain sites and it is AMAZING how much detail this free and easy to use piece of programming shows you about who looks at your site. I am sure you know from whence I am writing this and for whom I work without having to search the internet for my name.

Keep ignoring those who are afraid to reveal themselves. Know that such comments do not add to intelligent, useful political discourse, nor do they help anyone understand the complexity of the realities we all now face in government.

Keep up the good work. Yeoman's task, to be sure.


Paul Foer said...

Thank you....and I accept ads and donations as well as complements.....within minutes some anonymous comments came in and were immediately auto deleted...

Yes there is a lot of good stuff in Google Analytics... thanks

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