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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Draw off Morbid Humors Indeed; They Evacuated the Students and Staff of Annapolis Middle School?

Of course we are all relieved that there was no serious danger, but I learned that Annapolis Middle School was evacuated today due to a gas leak. The news release from the school system said this:

Following our emergency procedures, we immediately evacuated students and staff and notified the Fire Department. Baltimore Gas and Electric also was contacted.
Hmmm.  They evacuated the students and staff? I think, well, in fact I know they meant to say they evacuated the building. Surely if they evacuated all the students, they would have required hundreds of permission slips--and who knows what else--oh I can imagine the lawsuit: "What? You evacuated my child" .

See what Merriam-Webster has to say about evacuate:

Main Entry: evac·u·ate
Pronunciation: \i-ˈva-kyə-ˌwāt, -kyü-ˌāt\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): evac·u·at·ed; evac·u·at·ing
Etymology: Middle English, to draw off morbid humors, from Latin evacuatus, past participle of evacuare to empty, from e- + vacuus empty
Date: 15th century
transitive verb 1 : to remove the contents of : empty
2 : to discharge from the body as waste : void
3 : to remove something (as gas or water) from especially by pumping
4 a : to remove especially from a military zone or dangerous area b : to withdraw from military occupation of c : vacate intransitive verb 1 : to withdraw from a place in an organized way especially for protection
2 : to pass urine or feces from the body
evac·u·a·tive \-ˌwā-tiv, -ˌā-\ adjective

The truly sad thing is that the PR people at the school system are earning big, big bucks and little old me has to bring this to their attention. Let's evacuate some more school buildings--starting with Riva Road!

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You got Cohen 3 days after he cuts throats ? Dude, you should organize a union rally !!!!

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