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Friday, March 5, 2010

Annapolis Transit: One Route Down--But New Partnership Bodes Well; Are We Learning from Washington Metro?

As the Washington Metro/WMATA undergoes a major change in leadership and potentiakl reorganization, we pause to reflect on the fact that our extremely well-paid Transportation Director continues to draw her hefty $130k plus salary....while on extended leave.

Although it was just announced that the underperforming bus route that goes to BWI Airport will be cut, a new partnership with the Community Transportation Association (CTAA) that was announced yesterday should help our neglected and much-maligned bus system. The CTAA is a national nonprofit membership association of more than 4,000 organizations and individuals dedicated to provide efficient mobility to all Americans. CTAA will underwrite the cost of the project and Mayor Cohen stressed that this will not cost the city any money.

Mayor Josh Cohen was joined by CTAA President Dale Marsico, a CTAA co-founder and Annapolitan Barbara Rasin-Price to announce a year-long initiative that will bring transportation experts to Annapolis to remake our bus system.

Rasin-Price, the owner of Echoes and Accent, a high-end furniture and art consignment store in Annapolis, formerly operated a transit system in Illinois and was also an employee of CTAA. She headed up the mayor's transportation transition team that also included yours truly. CP has a long and successful relationship with CTAA that has involved lobbying, attending as well as providing training at their National Expos and publishing in their magazine, Community Transportation.

You can bet that CP will be all over this very promising and hopefully, fast-developing story.

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