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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back and Forth Between Legum and George

In a previous post, Judd Legum took Ron George to task for co-sponsoring a resolution. I posted Legum's POV and the George's POV. In the midst of his very bust life as a delegate and owner of a small business, George quickly wrote back with  some background and context to counter Legum's claim. Now what's going on here is simply a progressive Democrat challenging the Republican delegate. I doubt you'll see Legum say anything negative about Delegate Clagett or Speaker Busch and he's going on the offensive against George. I'd rather see legum point out hiw own positives rather than attack George, but opposition research is Legum's thing. I held up George's environmental record as being that of one of the strongest Republicans and faring better than some Democrats. Legum countered that I overstated his record. Now George writes back. Here we go:

Legum is wrong. I voted for the final Standing Bill after we forced corrections, the final vote was on April 10th. The 45% is a false report card that chooses a few of the many bills offered each year and often do not reflect the final vote after Conference Committee when bad parts are addressed. I like the intent of many bills but if they punish people that love the environment it disenfranchises them and that is where we fail. Besides supporting the Standing Bill I have also voted for The Clean Air Act, The Clean Cars Bill, The Cheasapeake Bay Trust Fund, The Living Shoreline Protection Act. I was the Lead Sponsor of The Wetlands and Waterways Fund Management Bill which passed and was a top environmental Bill in 2008. I supported the Green and Growing Task Force, and Performance Standards and Accountability that help Smart Growth. Also,on Wednesday when Legum was attacking me, I was voting for the Smart Green and Growing Commission and testified for my Pro-Renewable Energy Bills HB852 and HB902 which MD League of Conservation Voters support as does the Cheasapeake Climate Action Network. I will continue to scrutinize bills, demand factual information and not blindly vote. The Navy is moving forward on my proposal to put wind turbines at Greenbury Point as the Met Tower proposal is moving forward to begin the official process. Legum has a carreer of distorting records. The report card he sights fails to include the many solar and wind bills I have worked on.
I doubt this is the last we've heard. But I've said this to Legum privately and I'll say it again. You attack. I'll publish. George defends and I'll publish that too, but I don't think it's necessary to single out and attack George in order to make the case to support Legum.  When Legum does the same thing to the Democratic delegates, and I am sure he can find at least something he does not like in their lengthy legislative --much lengthier than George's I might add, I'll find that really interesting.

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