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Thursday, March 18, 2010

WIN TWO FREE TICKETS to BIG....Parole Rotary Club's Books for International Goodwill

KEEPING BOOKS ALIVE: 4 Million Books and Still Counting


Parole Rotary Club invites you to a night of fun, food and celebrating Books for International Goodwill’s 4 millionth book

April 9, 2101: 6-8 P.M.: Sojourner Douglas College:
135 Stepneys Ln. Edgewater, MD 21037-1432(Route 2 and 214)


Comments By BRIAN LAMB, Founder of C-SPAN and host of BOOKNOTES (invited)

Suggested guest donation $20 (Parole Rotary members attend free and get attendance credit)

RSERVATIONS: Jeanne Hawn 410 544 1484  or
INFORMATION: Steve Frantzich  410 293 6865

Click below for the BIG STORY and how you can WIN TWO FREE TICKETS!

The B.I.G. Story:

Books for International Goodwill (B.I.G.) began in 1994 by the Parole Rotary Club as a means of improving literacy in developing countries and disposing of Anne Arundel County School textbooks that were being dumped in the local landfill. Over the last fifteen years, the project has saved over 40,000 cubic feet of landfill space from county schoolbooks alone. An equal number of books from other sources that may also have been discarded have also been recycled.  In the process 4 million books (over 160 tractor trailers) have been distributed.

Our name may be misleading, since the organizational goals have broadened since its inception. Leonard Blackshear founded B.I.G. and hoped it would become a “big” project, but saw it as only responding to international requests. While our initial emphasis was on providing books to underserved populations in foreign countries, we soon found that local schools, prisons, nature centers, and community centers, were also in need. Currently our largest number of recipients is made up of local organizations (although a greater percentage of books go overseas via tractor trailer load).
Our volunteer base is made up of approximately 30 “regulars” and another 300 members of groups that come for two or three sorting sessions (Broadneck Interact Club, Single Volunteers, Spalding National Honor Society, Parole Rotary, South County Rotary, Midshipman Action Group, etc.). We also host a large number of Anne Arundel County students carrying out their required volunteer hours and receive some help from court-appointed community service individuals. In the 2009 FY we estimate receiving 3900 volunteer hours.
B.I.G. is a “win/win” operation. Contributors get satisfaction that we have found a way “to keep their books alive.” We receive an average of 4,000 books each week at our two drop offs. County government gets the benefit of saved landfill space. Volunteers get the satisfaction of working on a hands-on project where they can see progress. Local and international recipients receive the tools to improve literacy.

INTERNATIONAL RECIPIENTS: Schools and libraries in over 30 countries
-Anne Arundel Early Learning Coalition
-YMCA Camp Letts
-Arundel Lodge
-Chrysalis House
-Harmony House
-Bywater Boys and Girls Club
-Anne Arundel League of People with Disabilities
-Downs Park Library
-Kunte Kinte Foundation
-Soujourner Douglas College
-The Monarch Academy
-Cheltenham Youth Facility
-Jessup Correctional Institution
-Volunteer Center for Anne Arundel County (as awards to volunteer organizations)

B.I.G. has also sent thousands of books overseas to U.S. Troops, many going to county residents recommended by friends and family. A number of Peace Corps volunteers receiving small shipments of books also come from the county.

MAILING  ADDRESS: C/O Parole Rotary, Box 6327, Annapolis, MD 21401
TELEPHONE INQUIRIES: 410 293 6865   Steve Frantzich, President

Steve Frantzich, Professor
Department of Political Science
U.S. Naval Academy
589 McNair Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-05030

TEL. 410 293 6865

President: Books for International Goodwill

HOW TO WIN TWO FREE TICKETS--Answer this question:

How many 20' shipping containers does it take to ship 4 million books???

send in your answer to 


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