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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

County Executive Candidate Joanna Conti Moves Into High Gear

CP is pleased to provide information about all the campaigns currently underway for county and state positions. BUT--if I don't receive information, I can't publish it. The following was provided by County Executive Candidate Joanna C0nti:

Kick-Off Party: Please join us at Loew's Hotel on Tuesday, March 23rd from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. as I formally announce my candidacy to become the next County Executive of Anne Arundel County. This will be a fun event with light appetizers and a cash bar as I make my case that Anne Arundel County deserves a strong leader who will tackle the tough challenges facing our beautiful county. Please join us! You can purchase your $25 tickets here

Op-Ed Column: As I was looking into how we could improve county snow removal efforts in future storms, I learned that current County Executive John Leopold decided not to use previously-purchased GPS equipment to track the location of county snow plows. Instead of spending less than $25,000 for reliable data telling them where the plows were and which streets had been plowed, supervisors drove around to find the plows and then spent hours watching them work.  Please read my column, which ran in both the Capital and the Maryland Gazette last week, recommending we use inexpensive technology to manage county operations as efficiently as possible.
Fundraising: I am pleased to report that I was able to raise $56,752 in the three months ending January 13, 2010. This was substantially more than any other potential candidate for Anne Arundel County Executive. Our first major fundraiser will be Wednesday, April 7th at Cafe Mezzanotte, and we'd love to have you join us!
Campaign Staff & Office: I'm thrilled to announce that Ilana Kaplan joined the campaign as campaign manager on February 1st. Fresh from running a $300,000 Delegates race in Virginia, she also has experience working on a coordinated campaign and managing Norfolk for Obama. In addition, Mary-Alice Wildasin becomes our Finance Director this week, bringing four years of campaign fundraising experience to our team. We will be working at our new campaign office at 2568A Riva Road, Suite 307, in Annapolis. 
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March 4 Len Lazarick,Editor,
March 11 Mayor Josh Cohen (AT BB Bistro-West Annapolis)
March 18 County Executive Candidate Joanna Conti
March 25 County Councilman Chuck Ferrar


Jerry Shandrowsky said...

Janet Owens will soon declare her candidacy. I think that pretty much sinks Ms. Conti. Regardless, I will support whoever wins the Democratic primary this year. We need a change at County Executive.

Paul Foer said...

Bud That must be quite a crystal ball you've got. While Ms. Conti does not have the deep roots and other background that Ms Owens clearly has, neither does she bring the baggage....which may explain why she, and perhaps similarly, former Gov. Ehrlich, have not formally declared. Conti's biggest challenege will be in really building a constituency and any Democratic candidate is going to have trouble going up against Leopold.

Jerry Shandrowsky said...


My sources are telling me Mrs. Owens will run. And while I'll concede she does carry baggage, she has the name recognition and the popularity among Democrats to win a primary. Initially, I thought Ms. Conti would be harmed because she's not originally from AA County, but then I realized that didn't hurt Mr. Leopold. Make no mistake, I think she's a good candidate.

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