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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hoyle and Finlayson on The Budget

The two alderwoman have posted their comments on the city's web-site. They are not happy. They continue to believe that every government job and every government program is sacred and necessary. Two things in particular are especially interesting. They both seem to feel as if they had nothing to do with our present crisis, which they are not even certain, or so it appears, is a crisis. They were both serving on council, both supported Moyer, both voted for her last budget which passed 5-4 and both continue to feel that their constituents are city employees rather than taxpayers and residents. They also seem to think that somehow furloughs are the answer.

Hoyle uses the word describing the previous administration in quotes as in "mismanagement" and Hoyle is upset that she has not received minutes of the finance committee--the committee she has chaired and continues to chair! Did she suddenly realize she did not take notes? Did she suddenly decide she needs minutes after all these months? How comer she did not ask for them after each meeting? Kind of makes you wonder whether she ever red them regularly anyhow.

Ms. Finlayson, a former teacher, wrote that, "I recognize that while layoffs may be eminent, I feel strongly that this administration has not done due diligence." Perhaps the former teacher, who may or may not have been eminent in her field, did not do her due diligence.

You can read their comments here at:


I did not bother contacting either on for further comments because they do not respond to me. But go see for yourself. Do they offer anything new? Do they say anything about concern for taxpayers or delivery of effective services? No. They simply whine about city employees.

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