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Thursday, March 4, 2010

If Environmentalists Are "Watermelons" What Does that Make Senator Richard Colburn?

State Senator Richard Colburn, a man who can hardly be accused of being one of the guiding lights of our General Assembly has again proven to me (as he has done before) what a thoughtless and one dimensional man he is. He just recently called citizens who are trying to protect the coastal waters of his lower Eastern Shore district "watermelons."

Yup. Watermelons.  What did he mean by calling them watermelons?  Read about it at Maryland Reporter....and laugh...or cry:

I am thinking of a fruity name for Colburn. Hmmm....let's see. How about a pomegranate? Red on the outside and red on the inside?  A lemon? Thick and sour? Any other ideas???

By the way, Colburn's cumulative of lifetime score by the MD League of Conservation Voters is a whopping 15% although he managed to climb to 17% last year. Watmermelon indeed!

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