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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mayor Invites Proposals for Short-term Occupancy of Market House Cohen announces ‘open audition of ideas’; goal of full occupancy by Memorial Day

(The following is from a city news release. I am not sure what to make of this. It sounds like a good short-term step, an intermediate step, but according to this release, it's all about "The mayor this" and "the mayor that"...but what happened to the different groups that have been working on this? I can wait and see what happens on Memorial Day.  The base rental rate of five percent of gross sales sounds better than a fixed per square-foot rent for any business willing to take the risk to move quickly and only get one season.)

Mayor Joshua J. Cohen is inviting proposals for short-term occupancy of the Market House.  The Mayor's goal is to achieve a bustling, fully occupied Market House by Memorial Day Weekend.

"My immediate focus is on economic development and there is no more important place to begin than the Market House," Mayor Cohen said.  "I invite all proven and would-be entrepreneurs to participate in this open audition of ideas.  This is the first step in the rebirth of Annapolis' waterfront as a year-round destination for City residents and visitor alike."
Read on....

All selected applicants should assume short-term occupancy that will
end no later than January 3, 2011.  The long-term occupancy and
management structure of the Market House remains undecided and will be
determined by the City Council.  It is possible that any applicants
selected for short-term occupancy may receive a long-term lease


Mayor Cohen has set an April 9 deadline to submit proposals to the
City.  Individuals wishing to submit an application or wanting more
information should contact Marcelle Lee at 410-263-7944 or at 

The Mayor will consider proposals for any portion of the Market House,
from a single stall to the entire building (with the exception of the
BankAnnapolis space), subject to the requirements of the City Code and
the limitations of the physical space and the air conditioning capacity.
Any proposed remodeling of the interior space must be performed at
lessee's expense and must be achievable in four weeks' time.  The rental
rate will be 5 percent of gross sales plus charges to cover maintenance
and utilities.

The application has three required sections and one optional section.
Section 1 (Concept) should provide an overview that includes the
applicant's contact information, general business concept, the product
offerings, and a simple sketch of the display area.  The City will post
Section 1 of each application online after the April 9th submission
deadline.  Section 2 (Viability) should describe the applicant's
experience in running a business, and why the proposal will succeed in
the Market House. Section 3 (Operations) should cover operational
aspects and include the amount of space requested, a simple sketch of
the floor plan, requirements for electricity and water, any heat
generation the operation would produce, and any other operational
requirements or considerations. Section 4 is optional and may include
any other comments or information relevant to the proposal.


The City Council empowered the Mayor to execute short-term leases with
terms ending no later than January 3, 2011.  The Mayor will select
proposals based on their strengths in three main areas: First, the
overall concept must support the Market House's role as a vibrant and
authentic anchor for downtown that draws people, serves Annapolis'
diverse local community and bolsters the area around it.  Second, the
proposal must be financially viable and likely to succeed.  Third, the
operational requirements must be practical and compatible with the
physical constraints of the structure.

The Mayor expects to make a preliminary decision by mid-April, at which
time the administration will enter into discussions with prospective
lessee or lessees and aim to finalize all leases by April 30.


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