BREAKING NEWS ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Thursday, April 1, 2010


We are covering these headlines....

Mayor Moyer to Return to Annapolis to Announce Recall of Cohen; Install Herself as Queen for Life....and Thereafter

Market House to Be Turned into Wal-Mart

Eastport Yacht Club Chosen to Host Next America's Cup

Obama Annouces Plan to Socialize City's Parking Spaces

Poll Shows Waistline As Annapolitan's Top Concern

Anne Arundel County Announces Plan to Annex City Dock

Cohen Promises to Uphold Campaign Promise and Hire Credentialed City Manager

Police and Fire Unions Admit "City is in desperate financial situation"; Promise to make concessions to retain jobs

Happy April Fool's Day

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1 Comment:

Janet Norman said...

Here's another April Fools joke on Annapolis:

"City employees actually work instead of taking dubious holidays."

Coming from a Fed married to a former Univ staff, who had more holidays than God, seems like the City has us all beat. My garbage is still not picked up, for Good Friday. Wait, wasn't it just "Maryland Day"? holiday w/o work? If employees want to schedule unpaid leave, I'm all for that. Just don't shut the city down for every occasion we can think of.

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