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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Elections Again!

(from a news release...)

May 18, 2010 – Annapolis, MD. Chris Trumbauer, a noted local community and environmental advocate, announced today that he is seeking the Democratic nomination for the District 6 County Council seat in Anne Arundel County. “I’m running because I love Anne Arundel County. I have lived here for over 10 years and it’s time to give something back. I’m running to give a voice to working families, promote open and transparent government, and be the environmental champion we need on the county council,” said Mr. Trumbauer.

Trumbauer will be running against the current District 6 Councilman who was appointed to fill a vacancy in December 2009 by the other members of the County Council, none of whom live in the district. Mr. Trumbauer continued, “The voters in District 6 should have a say in who represents them on the County Council. My opponent was appointed, not elected, and has a history of supporting candidates and issues contrary to the values of the Democratic Party. One of his first instincts was to introduce a bill siding with developers over taxpayers, and he has supported Herb McMillan, Andy Harris, and Bob Ehrlich. I look forward to challenging him in the Democratic Primary." Mr. Trumbauer vows to fight for a better and more democratic method for filling a vacated County Council seat.

Trumbauer is the Executive Director of West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc., a successful local non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Anne Arundel County’s rivers. A graduate of the University of Maryland, he is a biologist who spent ten years at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Trumbauer has volunteered countless hours of his time to make a difference in Anne Arundel County, including serving as Vice President of South River Federation and Chair of Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen’s Environmental Transition Team. He is also active in his homeowners association and is involved with MRE Moms and Dads, a community group of young families who live in and around Eastport.

In recent testimony to the County Council, Trumbauer spoke out against a bill sponsored by the 6th District incumbent that would have increased the burden on taxpayers by keeping the fees that developers pay artificially low. “It’s unacceptable that our Councilman would have sponsored this anti-taxpayer bill. We need slow and responsible growth in this county, not reckless growth that costs taxpayers more in the long run. We must all do a better job of protecting our quality of life and our natural resources, and we need developers to pay their fair share of the cost,” he said.

Trumbauer lives in the Tyler Heights area of Annapolis with his wife Mary, a former special education teacher who now stays home to care for their children Johnny (4) and Josephine (1). “My wife and I face the same challenges as many other young families trying to live here on one salary,” said Trumbauer. Also the son of a schoolteacher, Trumbauer understands the difficulties facing our educators and vows to make education a top priority. “My kids - and all Anne Arundel children - deserve a superior education, and that starts with giving teachers the tools they need to get the job done.”

The county is facing major revenue shortfalls and the next council will need to make some tough decisions. A political newcomer not beholden to any special interests, Trumbauer states that he will look out for the people of District 6 when tough choices need to be made: “It’s time to end business as usual on the County Council. The special interests have plenty of influence already; it’s time to have a representative for working people and transparent government we can trust.”

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