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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breaking News---Owens Will Not Seek County Executive Seat, Says County is "Swinging Republican"

Well, she finally made up her mind just days before the filing deadline and the answer is  no. According to, Janet Owens will not seek re-election to the position of Anne Arundel County Executive which she held for two four-year terms.  This means that incumbent Republican John Leopold will face Democrat Joanna Conti and Green Mike Shay in the November general election without a contested primary.

Maryland Reporter's Len Lazarick, apparently sidestepping the fact that Shay has formally announced and is actively campaigning wrote, "This leaves the field open for Democrat Joanna Conti, who will not have a primary opponent if no one else files by Tuesday’s deadline."  Shay appeared at a public forum for candidates in Annapolis on Monday night along with a representative for Conti, as the candidate was unable to attend due to a death in the family.

Owens had undertaken polling and told Lazarick, “The county is absolutely swinging Republican based on what we saw”.  The 66 year-old Owens, who had been seemingly unable to make up her mind about running, also expressed that "age was a factor". With a September 14th primary looming, a positive announcement would have only given her about two and a half months to campaign while Conti has been actively campaigning and raising money for many months.

ACP also suspects that the late entry of Shay into the race was a factor, whether admitted or not. Despite his current third-party affiliation, Shay is a well-known South County businessman and community activist who polled 42% of the vote four years ago when he ran for delegate as a Democrat. He was also an outspoken and visible opponent of Owens and this may have also been a factor in her decision.

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