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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010 Elections Again

2010 Elections Again..."Solutions not change" proclaims Democrat Chris Garner of Severna Park who is taking on Barbara Mikulski for the US Senate. He's not the only one! As of a few hours before the filing deadline, THERE WERE 26 OFFICIAL CANDIDATES.......Let's take a look at Garner, the only candidate close to Annapolis, although there is also Samuel R. Graham Jr from Bowie and Republic Eric Wargotz from Queenstown. At the Severna Park July Fourth Parade, Garner handed out tiny cards with a recipe for Maryland Crab Soup. The same recipe appears on his web-site. Of course, if you are interested in more than a crab soup recipe, which to many Marylanders, especially those interested in issues, may seem like an insult to our intelligence, you can, as mentioned visit his web-site where in his Bio portion you will read about his sports background, church and club membership as well as his parents and even grandma, who wrote speeches for Adlai Stevenson. Oh, and then as for the candidate himself, he tells us about his family and pets which include two dogs, two geese and a parakeet. Check out his "Wheel of Fortune" page http://www.garnerforsenate.com/wheeloffortune (Uh, I think maybe Mr Sajak of 1430WNAV and also Severna Park may want to especially take a look....)  and although Garner, unlike Sajak, does not have a Vanna White, he does have "Bob the minivan"  a van of gray apparently, a blurry photo of which is on his web-site. Geese, a parakeet, crab soup recipes and Bob the mini van.  I am not making this stuff up. Ladies may especially enjoy the hunk "Zack" whose Facebook photo is shown on the web-site, and there are some other hunks as well. At least Garner is proud to say he is a Democrat, even though what substantive information there is on his web-site would make it appear that he is not too happy with his own party. Check it out at: http://www.garnerforsenate.com/ . Any folks want to try out and report on his crab soup recipe?

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