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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Elections Again

ALL THREE SIXTH DISTRICT COUNTY COUNCIL CANDIDATES ARE BUSY....BUT FIRST---ACP will be hosting a candidate's forum on Monday evening, August 30 for the three county council candidates. The place is not yet determined, but please mark your calendars and candidates, please inform your supporters!! 

Chris Trumbauer's campaign manager is local Democratic powerhouse Kathy Nieberding Temprine who ran campaigns for Ellen Moyer and Josh Cohen. By day, she is director of development for Leadership Anne Arundel and get this--she is sending out campaign emails on behalf of Trumbauer with her business signature on them which reads as follows:

Kathleen Nieberding Temprine

Director of Development
2049 West Street, Suite 200, Annapolis, MD 21401
Direct: 410.212.1051
Email: kmnieberding@gmail.com
LAA, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, is the premier leadership training and networking institute in Anne Arundel County
Perhaps it was simply a benign mistake on her part. BUT.....not a good mistake to make.....
Last night I attended the grand opening of incumbent Democrat Chuck Ferrar's campaign hq in a large building with a big parking lot on outer West St. Ferrar is clearly gearing up and has lots of signs and brochures on hand--and supporters. Ferrar tells ACP that he had over 400 persons at a recent fundraiser. He was introduced by former Highland Beach Mayor Ray Langston. Special guest was Senator John Astle and also in attendance were Annapolis Aldermen Kirby, Finlayson, Israel and Paone.  If last night was any indication, it looks as if Ferrar, the owner of Bay Ridge Wine and Spirits, has not only widespread support from city council members, including its lone Republican, but also many leaders and figures within the city's Black community. Noticeably absent was Mayor Josh Cohen, whose seat is now occupied by Ferrar. Cohen of course is solidly in the camp of Chris Trumbauer, and it is possible, if not likely, that Trumbauer was hand-picked or suggested by Cohen and other Democratic party operatives to mount a challenge to Ferrar, who some believe is either too conservative or is not heavily partisan enough or is a no-no because he has Republican supporters to make "real Democrats" comfortable.  Hmmm....maybe that actually makes Ferrar not only more attractive to many voters, but more electable. Wuddya think??? Now, on to Trumbauer who will have a fundraiser on Thursday, July 22, 2010 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the home of heavily partisan Democratic operative Beth Garraway at 904 Creek Drive in Eastport. Sponsors of the fundraiser include Governor Parris Glendening, Senator Joseph D. Tydings, former Delegate Dick D'Amato, and Mayor Josh Cohen. Said fancy, waterfront address has been the scene of similar parties for Josh Cohen and Senator Ben Cardin. Trumbauer, the West/Rhode Riverkeeper who has never before run for office is now playing in the Democrat Major Leagues. Trumbauer was recently endorsed by Attorney General Doug Gansler, Mayor Josh Cohen, Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County, Sierra Club and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. Ticket levels are $500, $250, $100, and $50. Payment accepted at the door to “Friends of Chris Trumbauer” or on-line using credit card at http://www.christrumbauer.com/. Visit http://www.christrumbauer.com/  Contact Kathy Nieberding Temprine at kmnieberding@gmail.com or 410.212.1051 for more information. (ACP cannot make this event--will someone please report???)

And now the Republican candidate for that seat, Doug Burkhardt is getting active. Campaigning under the theme "Effective Fiscal Leadership", he is holding a fundraiser at The Rockfish Restaurant in Eastport on Tuesday, August 17 from 6-8 pm. He is being supported by Delegate Ron George, and candidates Seth Howard for Delegate and Ron Elfenbein for Senate. Hmm....I wonder where is Herb McMillan? Ah hah--I'll bet that Republican McMillan is supporting Chuck Ferrar as is Alderman Fred Paone. What about County Executive John Leopold, the highest ranking Republican elected official in the county, if not in the state? Doesn't he want a Republican to hold that seat? A few of the many locals supporting him are Scott Bowling, Greg Stiverson and Bill Kardash. Tickets at events@dougburkhardt.com or info at http://www.votedougburkhardt.com/ or call 410 384 8989.

CORRECTION FROM Ms. Nieberding Temprine "I am not campaign manager; however Chris is a Leadership Anne Arundel graduate. I am providing him with support, consultation and media assistance as a volunteer. Rhonda Ellis is the campaign manager for Friends of Chris Trumbauer.".....[sorry and thank you..but what about wemailing with the Leadership Anne Arundel thing?..]

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