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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eastport Resident Unhappy About Same-Sex Health Benefits

Wayne Adamson of Eastport has sent this in for publication:

"Regarding our mayor's latest selections and decisions, I would like to get comments on the decision to give health benefits to partners of homosexual city employees. On what basis can Cohen make such a decision? Isn't this a budget matter that needs to be approved by the City Council? I have asked both Cohen and my alderman (Kirby) by e-mail for a reply on questions I have had. No response has been forthcoming since I sent the e-mail several days ago. I am miffed that these undocumented partners are getting benefits on my tax dollars and my garbage collection is at the same time being cut to once a week. Color me disgusted with the Cohen administration and his attempt to cut costs. Exactly how does one qualify for this benefit. No documentation needed? Sounds like a perfect scenario for graft and cheating."

I spoke with Adamson recently and believe his concerns to be mainly that of the fiscal impact as well as the way it has been implemented. He did confirm that neither Mayor Cohen or Alderman Kirby has responded to him. I can understand the lack of response from Kirby as it clearly his normal operating mode, but from Cohen we all expect a reply.

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