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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Elections Again...Elfenbein, Greens and A Church Forum That Seems Little Unusual

Last night's fundraiser for Ron Elfenbein for Senate District 30 at Crush was attended by about 30 folks and according to his campaign, some $8 to $10,000 was raised.  Other candidates in attendance included Doug Burkhardt for County Council and Randy landis on behalf of Herb McMillan. Elfenbein spoke of his concerns about his children's future and specifically asked why his opponent Senator John Astle has opposed making our own local medical center a designated cardiac care unit instead of having to send some patients elsewhere for cardiac surgery.  Hmmm....

Mike Shay, the Green candidate for county executive and his supporters think they can win and as proof, Shay has sent ACP this list of Green Party members currently elected to office in Maryland:

Michael Cornell, Town Council Columbia, Village of River Hill, Howard County
Second tern in office.
Christine Nagle City Council College Park, District 1, Prince George's County
Dan Robinson  Town Council Takoma Park, Ward 3, Montgomery County
Second term in office
James Wilkinson , Town Council and Deputy Mayor, Berwyn Heights, Prince George's County
Also one past elected official, Gary Hull who served as a Green on the Sharpsburg Town Council from 2006-2010.

According to Shay, there are currently 142 Green Party members in office nationwide. Other national stats can be found at http://www.gp.org/elections.shtml

Wednesday, August 25, Candidates' Forum - With Fifth Congressional District Republican candidates Charles Lollar, Collins Bailey and Democrat Sylvanus Bent will be speaking at a candidates' forum at the Chesapeake Christian Fellowship Church, 377 W Central Ave, Davidsonville, MD 21035  7 pm. The evening will be moderated by Dr Jim Pelura the fomer chair of the MD Republican Party . They will be taking questions in  five major categories, national defense, immigration, economy, education, and role of government.

The receptionist at the church who answered the phone volunteered that Congressman Steny Hoyer did not respond to repeated invitations. Well, I can think of at least one reason and that is Jim Pelura. How would you feel as a Democrat if the former (and highly controversial chair) of the Republican Party or any Republican leader was the moderator? I'd ask Bent if I could locate the 78 year-old Protestant minister. Hmm....78 and running for Congress. Ayhow, moderators are supposed to have some semblance of neutrality and Pelura has none. As for the other candidates, Republican, Democrat and Libertarian, I have tried to contact them and ask why they are not attending but the church receptionist provided me with no further information. So...here is what we've got...a church whose doctrine states "The Bible is both verbally and plenarily inerrant, as no other writing has ever been or will ever be. The Bible is the only complete and final revelation of the will of God to man. It is the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and opinions should be tried." and who is holding a supposed candidate's forum, moderated by a Republican leader in which two strongly conservative Republicans and a Protestant Minister will be participating. I dont know about Bent's bent...

By the way, all of the church's pastors and elders are male. Maybe that is typical for some churches. I do not know. Although there is no information about this forum on the church's website, you may visit it at: http://chesapeakechristianfellowship.org/

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