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Monday, August 16, 2010

More Words of Wisdom From Alderman Kirby

According to today's The Capital, after a recent violent outburst in Woodside Gardens which resulted in one woman throwing an egg at a police officer, Alderman Ken Kirby had this to say:

"If 40 people are coming out at you when you step out, there's a problem," said Alderman Ken Kirby, D-Ward 6.
Kirby said many of the people who live there weren't alerted to new security measures, and the changes, particularly the lack of notice, weren't well received.
He said this week's events raise a new problem: The tension has shifted from attacks on people's possessions to outright attacks on people.
"It's one thing to tear up a car, but I don't want it to spin out of control to the point where we get to physical attacks," he said.
Yep. "It's one thing to tear up a car" as he says. I for one am relieved to hear that this paragon of public service does not wish for anything to "spin out of control" but am curious. Is he suggesting that vandalizing a car is somehow understandable or acceptable? Alderman Kirby?

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