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Monday, September 6, 2010

2010 Elections Again

In The District 30 Delegate Race.....Republican Candidates Herb McMillan and Seth Howard are hosting fundraisers with some big names...Howard will have State Republican Chairwoman Audrey Scott on hand at a private home in Edgewater on Tuesday, September 21.  For information visit http://www.electsethhoward.com/ and McMillan will be bringing in Kendal Ehrlich on September 15. McMillan, who used to boast that he was way ahead of Speaker Busch in the polls, now says "I am tied with Mike Busch in the polls; but the same poll shows that when people are informed that Busch and Clagett voted to increase taxes and spending, Herb McMillan beats Busch and Clagett by 12%." Visit http://www.herbmcmillan.com/

Speaking of District 30.... the website http://blueamerica.crooksandliars.com/ promotes Judd Legum saying his "agenda is all clean, clean, clean" while labeling Republican incumbent Ron George as "one of the most right-wing extremists in the General Assembly". Yep. That's what they said. I guess they have not heard of Colburn, Harris, McConkey or Dwyer....Legum, who has raised A LOT OF MONEY--and much of it from outside the district, is hiring Kevin Walling, who had been Equality Maryland's Director of Development and Communications. Equality Maryland works to advance the interests of the state's Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay and Transgendered community.  In his farewell letter from Equality Maryland, Walling writes:

I've had an incredible time working for EQMD over the past almost-two years and we're in a really good position to push for full marriage equality and transgender anti-discrimination during the next legislative session. For those who know Judd already, you know that I couldn't be leaving to work for a better candidate for public office - there's not another person currently running that works harder and I'm looking forward to helping Judd towards victory in November. You can visit Judd's website by clicking here and please feel free to join me in supporting his campaign here.
But I wanted to roll up my sleves [sic] and get to work sending a pro-equality candidate to the House of Delegates.
We're in the process of putting together an event in Washington, DC at Local 16 for LGBT folks and committed progressives to help send Judd to Annapolis. The reception will begin at 6:30 pm and we'll be joined by the LGBT Caucus of the General Assembly (Sen. Madaleno, Dels Kaiser, McIntosh and Mizeur). Please mark your calendars and I'll be sending more information about the event in the coming weeks! [apparently no date]
 and then in another letter....
Please, match me in contributing $95.00 to Equality Maryland's Action Fund TODAY in honor of the 95 votes it will take to pass marriage equality and transgender anti-discrimination. (71 in the House and 24 in the Senate). You can contribute here. I just made my contribution. We need to keep the momentum going during these last critical weeks of the 2010 Election and rally the community in anticipation of the legislative session in January. Your matching contribution does just that.

Of course he is asking for donations to a statewide fund, and one for which I believe is a worthy and important cause, but really, what's going on here is that as an employee of Equality Maryland is leaving his job and announcing he is going to work for a candidate, and he is using his office and that same letter as a fundraiser, which of course, is likely going to support particular candidates--probably even Legum in that case. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, and good for Legum that he has a special relationship with EQMD but is there another reason for the $95?  Does it have something to do with Legum's boasting of the majority of his donors giving less than $100?

However, Legum has proudly stated that he has not raised any money from state lobbyists and PACs saying that “Government should work for the people they represent, not for the special interests who line their pockets,” Legum said, “I have never taken money from state lobbyists or PACs, and I never will.”

Legum also said he is the "only candidate running in District 30 who has pledged to refuse contributions from state lobbyists and PACs."

South County House Party for Joanna Conti for County Executive
Thursday, September 9, 2010, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. For more information or to RSVP, Shannon Sopata 410) 224-0260 

Women for Conti Celebration with The Democratic Women's PAC of Maryland With Special Guests Delegate Pam Beidle, Delegate Virginia Clagett And Joanna Conti, Democratic Nominee for County Executive. There will be hors d'oeurves, wine and beer served.Tuesday, September 21, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Aloft Hotel near BWI Airport, 1739 West Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland Guest: $100 Host: $500
You can purchase your tickets by sending a check payable to "Conti For Our County" to P. O. Box 4343, Annapolis, MD 21403.   http://www.joannaconti.com/

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