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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Elections Again

Does he know the primary election date? Dave Norkus is running for Anne Arundel County Council District 7 so I checked in at his website which had little to say except "Biography coming soon." Would that be on, about or after the primary? The winner of the heavily contested Republican primary will go up against Democrat Torrey Jacobsen.

JOIN Republican candidates at the Candidate Trade Show to be held at the Columbian Center in Severna Park at 335 Ritchie Hwy -September 9th from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. This event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC…(I guess they did not know it was The Jewish New Year--and what is a candidate's trade show anyhow?)

I've not covered the judges races closely, although I did write a column in The Capital about it a few months ago.  The team of sitting Judges Ron Jarashow and Laura Kiessling, both Democrats, have stated that because they were appointed, they went through a serious vetting process whereas their opponent, Alison Asti, did not. Asti counters by saying the appointment process is highly politicized and that under Democratic Governor O’Malley there were 68 appointments and only 4 were Republicans. A handful were unaffiliated (and this is equally interesting) or unregistered. Asti says that Ehrlich appointed 72 judges, and 37 were Republican. [note...I did see a copy of a list for O'Malley but cannot verify these figures at this time]

"I do not seek to be elected BECAUSE I am a Republican," said Asti. "I seek to be elected because I believe I am the most qualified, and should not be excluded because I am a Republican. I think the one party system does not embrace the separation of powers envisioned by our founding fathers. And 'absolute power absolutely corrupts'." said Asti. She also is anxious to talk about the controversy that occurred when Senate President Mike Miller's son was appointed to the bench, lending further ooommph to her claim that appointments are a political process. Asti, who served as head of the Maryland Stadium Authority has apparently little or no actual trial experience, unlike Jarashow and Kiessling, but Asti says that she has a great deal of experience with commercial law, unlike the two sitting judges.

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