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Friday, September 24, 2010

Delegate Don "I am The Pit Bull" Dwyer Met With Cheering At His Fundraiser

Hey--they love him up there in Pasadena--at least a couple of hundred folks who showed up at his Caribbean Beach Party on Bodkin Creek do love the man.  Republican Delegate Don Dwyer of District 31 who signs emails "Constitutionally Yours" described himself last night as "the hardcore conservative. I'm the bomb thrower. I am the pit bull" which was met with loud cheers and applause.

He introduced County Council candidate Jerry Walker of Gambrills, mentioning that Walker has been his campaign treasurer.  Dwyer introduced Delegate Tony McConkey as another "true conservative. I don't care what anybody says--he always has my back."

Dwyer read from The Declaration of Independence and said that the pursuit of happiness is not stealing wealth from one class and giving it to another.....I am a radical. I am a radical for your rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" which was again met with big cheers.  Other elected officials present were Delegates Schuh and Kipke and Senator Brian Simonaire.

(ACP notes: Just a few thoughts about that pursuit of happiness thing. It does not say we have the right to happiness--just the right to pursue it, but even that must have some limits, if for example, if someone pursues happiness through cannibalism.  What if you derived happiness by redistributing other's wealth? Other parts of The Constitution address that. I guess if you have happiness it and the other person does not, that person might be said to suffer from happiness envy.)

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