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Friday, October 1, 2010

Annapolis Capital Punishment Shows Strong September Traffic

Thanks to our readers, supporters and advertisers!

Blog traffic on has grown steadily with September visits at 6725 and page views at 9460. September visits were the highest of 2010, excluding February, which had 7477, or only about 750 more. In terms of page views, September was the third best month of 2010, just slightly behind those of March which had 9797, barely even a day's difference between the two.
Blog traffic increased steadily and rapidly throughout September, ending on the 30th with 435 visits and 632 page views.

Readers are cautioned however, that analyzing web traffic is a complex matter, fraught with nuances and subtleties. ...continued
One must discount certain "hits" as nothing more than web crawlers searching for keywords, for example. One must consider duration of visit, the location of the visitor, entry and exit pages, referral pages and outclicks etc. There is even such a thing known as "bounce rate" or the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Some observers assert that this is the single most important piece of data when analyzing a blog's performance. Even if a visit shows ten minutes, the reader could have been off making a cup of coffee!  Therefore, when assessing or comparing blog traffic, be careful not to simply look at a raw number of hits for it does not tell the whole story.

But nothing tells the story better than whether or not a blog is being discussed, referred-to, talked about or mentioned, and we know from regular conversations with the opinion leaders of the Annapolis-Anne Arundel County area that our many readers take ACP seriously and read it regularly. That is reflected by the strong support from our political candidates, who are not only putting their money where they know it counts, they are also showing their support for a blog that has repeatedly shown it is credible, fair, accurate--and has broken some big stories.

Annapolis Capital Punishment has always been transparent and has displayed third-party traffic data. Also, by prominently displaying the Feedjit widget on the blog, readers can quickly see real-time data about visitor's log-in time and location at any time. Check it out.

Annapolis Capital Punishment has published more than 2350 posts since starting in February, 2007 and is widely recognized not only as the leading political and news blog in the greater Annapolis area, but also as a leading political blog in Maryland. Posts are regularly picked up by, and other sites.

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