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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If Public Radio Can Do It All Week Long.....so can we

You think it's easy writing this drivel? Heck no! 
I just sit down at the computer and open a vein.....If you like what you are reading here--why not show your support! You pay for other media or you put up with a ton of ads or you pay to subscribe--so why not make a contribution toward community journalism? It's easy to send a contribution simply by clicking on the PayPal icon found on the right or left bars of this here little blog.  Since the political campaigns are raking it in--and the big media are making big bucks, why not help out your friendly, local blogger? You may be giving to political candidates--some of whom are advertising here, and we are grateful....but we need more of your help. Any contribution will be gratefully accepted.  PLEASE!!!!?????   WE THANK YOU....and a garlic will be planted in your honor to ward off the devil.


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