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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No News Is Still No News...Unless You Want to Know What's Up Annapolis?

On September 9, I posted a piece called "No news is.....well, no news!" and opined that "It Must Have Been A Slow News Month....or summer....or was it just an excuse to write something, anything about Mayor Josh Cohen???"  I was poking fun at the glossy What's Up Annapolis? magazine for stretching hard to write something, absolutely anything about Mayor Josh Cohen, which they did--and you can read about it here:

But they did it again in this month's issue with a nice photo of the youthful mayor seated at his desk smiling with a whole paragraph devoted to how he has cut overtime spending.  It is titled "Tightening Our Belts" and oh, it gets even worse. It reads, "The City of Annapolis has been working diligently towards reducing spending, according to the public information office of Mayor Joshua J. Cohen..."  Indeed. According to his public information office....

The decidedly commercial and hoi-polloi editors are just dying to constantly post feel-good news about the mayor. Publisher Veronica Tovey was close to Cohen's predecessor Ellen O. Moyer (getting a direct link on the front page of the city's web-site) and just last week hosted a fundraiser for Cohen's close political ally, Judd Legum, with special guest House Speaker Delegate Mike Busch.  Pick up a copy of the magazine and see for yourself, or if you are fortunate enough to live in the right tony neighborhood, it gets mailed to you for free.

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