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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Are They Saying On "The Hill" about Kratovil and Harris?

The Hill, a newspaper about Congress, said that Congressional incumbent Democrat Frank Kratovil  is "one of twelve Freshmen Democrats in danger". It has recently conducted polls about congressional races and looked at Maryland's First District where incumbent Democrat Frank Kratovil is struggling to make it to a second term while his former challenger, Andy Harris is pounding away.  The paper say that "Kratovil’s ability to hang in the race despite the political winds and makeup of his district is attributable to his strong support among independents."

The Hill says that Kratovil is three points behind Harris but that "Kratovil is one of just two Democrats in the 12 districts who leads among independents — 38 percent to 35 over Harris."   [publisher's note--that adds up to 73%....AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE?] The poll shows strong oppostion to Obama in this district but adds that "The other big issue in this race could be healthcare reform. Fifty-eight percent of voters said they’d like the law repealed."

The Hill failed to mention that Kratovil was one of the Democrats who broke ranks with the president and voted against his healthcare bill. It went on to say that "Harris was the 2008 Republican nominee; Kratovil beat him by a mere 2,000 votes in a down-to-the-wire race on election night. "  Again, it left out something very important. There was a Libertarian candidate that garnered enough votes to have possibly made the difference in that race. That candidate is running again as well as an Independent, Jack Wilson of Arnold, but The Hill failed to mention that as well. I wonder why?

See it here: http://thehill.com/house-polls/polls-archive/122869-district-by-district-maryland

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