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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hoyer and Lollar:....Congress? The President? Who Did it?

(The following is taken from a news release from the Lollar Campaign. ACP does not support or endorse any candidate, but this exchange is interesting for a couple of reasons. One, it sort of sums up the current political climate and shows a newcomer to politics, affiliated with the tea party movement taking on a major Democratic legislator. Two, it gives viewers a taste of what is going on in a nearby campaign where I think the challenger is poised to really give the veteran lawmaker a run for his money.)

Charles Lollar, candidate for Congress in MD's 5th Congressional  District, held a press conference late yesterday elaborating on an exchange he had with Steny Hoyer at a candidate’s forum last week.  After the exchange, Hoyer turned to Lollar and said, "I'm coming after you."  Lollar responded by reminding Mr. Hoyer that working class residents of the 5th Congressional District are coming after him!

During the press conference Mr. Lollar said “Steny Hoyer and I faced off a few days ago in a debate hosted by the Charles County (Maryland) Chamber of Commerce.  Many folks were surprised that a businessman, Marine and country boy from southern Maryland who is a political newcomer could get the better of a career politician like Mr. Hoyer, but no one appeared to be more surprised than Steny himself.   After the debate, a very frustrated Mr. Hoyer leaned over and said to me, ‘I’m coming after you.’  I think Mr. Hoyer is confused.   Maybe in his arrogance he hasn’t noticed that his constituents are coming after him and Speaker Pelosi for spending us into a deep recession in the last four years that they have been in power.

They have ignored our Constitution and not passed a budget, which is simply irresponsible.” Lollar continued, “They have let Maryland and our nation down.”
“Steny’s never met a tax hike he didn’t like,” said Lollar. "Simply check his voting record.  Consider that they have controlled the purse strings for the past four years and have engaged in reckless government spending, bailouts and a government takeover of healthcare.  This is why the 5th Congressional District and its citizens are coming after him.”
Mr. Lollar concluded his remarks by saying, “Mr. Hoyer, we are not your servants.  You will no longer take our family funds to feed your special interest groups.  You will no longer look down your nose at us when we declare a strict following of the Constitution.  Don't tell us you don't have time to read the bills or pass a budget, which is irresponsible.  And when we speak of Constitutional truths, don't tell us that you're coming after us.  We don’t work for you -  you work for us."
“We will use our Constitutional freedoms in November to give you a pink slip, so that freedom loving Americans, regardless of party affiliation, can come in and fix the mess that you have made.  Thank you for your service but we can take it from here.”
Press conference video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-EbVPzNXHI
Full coverage of the exchange between Hoyer and Lollar is available here:
For additional information about Charles, contact the Charles Lollar Campaign at 301-358-6264 or visit his website, www.LollarForCongress.com.  General comments, questions, or suggestions may be emailed to the Lollar campaign at info@LollarForCongress.com.

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