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Monday, November 1, 2010

Beware of Last-Minute Attack matter from which party, group or shadowy "thing" they originate

I cannot stand the hypocrisy of partisan-motivated whiners about negative campaigning. They'll accept or ignore or brush off the most egregious forms of negative attack ads--until they go after the candidate of their party choice. I'm seeing it right now!

Either you are opposed to all negative attack ads from any side...or you're just a phony partisan. There is so much %@!! going on from every side during these final days of the elections--and a lot gets sent to me--that I even have trouble sorting through it. BUT....please keep in mind to carefully check the authority line. A lot of times attack mailers are coming from groups outside of any campaign. For example, you receive a mailer that says Candidate A is a scoundrel, thief and child abuser but says nothing nice or positive about Candidate B. You assume it comes from Candidate B but it is quite possible that B had nothing to do with either composing or paying for it or mailing it.

That gives me an idea. what if Candidate A actually sent out the nasty attack mailer about candidate A with a somewhat fuzzy third party group behind it all? Sound far-fetched? Maybe not. Candidate A's mailer is so despicable and revolting that voters stand up and say, "That is so disgusting that B would do such a thing that I'm not going to vote for B--and may just vote for A!"

It's kind of like Spy versus Spy. But I think we are getting closer to that every election. Please God, make it stop!!!!!

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