DO OUR ALDERMEN ANSWER THEIR EMAILS??? ~ Annapolis Capital Punishment

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Some do, and some don't, but most don't. Ever since email was invented, CP has had occasion to write to Aldermen, first in his role as a city employee and now as a citizen and blogger. Most of them never answer their emails. A few are much better than are others. This has been demonstrated repeatedly. Most recently, CP wrote to our Aldermen, asking them quite simply, are you planning to attend the Queen Anne's Ball and will you consider (notice I said "consider") proposing legislation to ban Segways on our sidewalks?

A couple answers trickled in a few days later. Alderman Cordle said he was not attending the ball and would be out of town. He was not too excited about Segways and would like to learn more. Alderman Stankivic is attending the ball but was unclear about Segways. After pressing Aldermen Shropshire and Arnett, Shropshire said he would also consider legislation and that a private citizen has donated his ticket. Arnett was wishy washy saying he prefered bikes. When pressed to provide a simple yes or no, Arnett did not respond. He has not responded about the Queen Anne's Ball. No other Aldermen responded. Hmmm, CP wonders, what would have happened if he asked a controversial question such as "Should Annapolis act independently to turn in all illegal immigrants to the Federal authorities?" or, "Will you consider proposing legislation to ban guns--all guns, handguns, even toy guns?"

The Queen Anne's Ball, part of the Annapolis 300 celebration (300? "This is Sparta"..sorry I could not help myself...) is a minimum of $150 per person. This is a hunk of change but it is a fundraiser and CP has been told that the committee overseeing the event is providing comp tickets for only a handful of special invited guests, such as the Governor.

So much for that, but the issue of our Aldermen either not reading and/or not answering their e-mail is very troubling. CP is well aware of how hard they work and how they must be inundated, but this would have taken, let's see, maybe a minute to read and respond? And, CP just has to mention this, we are after all, a news media operation!!!! Hulloa....Word to our Aldermen--please try to be better about this. We know you have lots to do, but it beats having to type, print, fold, stuff, seal, stamp and mail a reply. Maybe we'll start doing this regularly and publishing results here. Ross, Sam, Sheila, Dave, Julie, Mike, Classie, Dick....what do you think??? Better yet, we could encourage all our friends to send emails regularly.....nahh, that would not be nice.


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