Saturday, September 29, 2007


CP attended the recent Eastport Civic Association meeting which featured Police Chief Johnson and two top captains addressing crime concerns. CP is pleased with the attention given to Eastport and while he has always supported the Police Department, he continues to be concerned about Chief Johnson's leadership and managerial style of communication. Admittedly, he has been a good chief over the many years he has faithfully served Anapolis, but it is time for new leadership and new energy. As CP listened carefully to the Chief, quite frankly, he could not figure out just what he was trying to say, other than, help us, work with us, support us. That's real and important. We must heed his words. But CP just does not know what to make of him in an overall sense. He seemed to be more focused on defending his record and experience than on telling us what he is doing.

He addressed the issue of recruitment and while he was very clear about not lowering standards to hire new officers, he was less clear about what we are doing to step up recruiting. One issue about which he was admanat is how we do not and probably cannot run our own academy. However, solving that one is beyond his scope. County, State and City--are you listening???

For example, he was asked what were his views on community policing. He gave a long, rambling answer about something to do with his management style and using all resources, but he never came out and said what his idea or vision is for community policing. He talks about cops on foot and on bikes, which is what citizens are often requesting, and he says he is providing this, but CP rarely sees the presence of cops on foot and bike. The officers he speaks with say they do not have the resources to be on foot or bike and that they cannot respond to emergencies if they are not in their patrol cars.

NOTE TO CITIZENS: Get involved. Join neighborhood watch. Communicate with our police. Be "nosey" and provide extra eyes and ears. Report suspicious activity. Know your neighbors. Talk to each other. Pay attention. Don't ask to be a victim of a crime by ignoring your surroundings and security. Limit opportunities for criminals. Be aware of your surroundings. And above all else, get out and walk. Be seen. See others.

NOTE TO GOVERNMENT: More police needed! More recruitment! Better training!


Connie said...

Sounds to me on this that we, as a community, need to get more involved however it sounds like there needs to be a new police chief that has a better handle on what he wants and needs from his community. Communication is a major key to any community.

PAUL FOERfoerp@msn.com said...

It's all up to the Mayor really. She hires. She fires. She is where the buck supposedly stops. She is the one who must communicate. Major corporations change their ad agencies and their accounting firms every few years, and many cities change their fire or police chiefs like that as well. Chief Johnson has been here for nearly two decades. Thanks.

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