Thursday, September 6, 2007


Okay- so CP exaggerates.

CP is extremely grateful that he is not involved with any internal local political warfare, unlike just about every local Republican right now, or so it seems. Our friend at Annapolis Politics attended last night's GOP meeting which you can check out here:

Whew! Airing their dirty laundry in public! But CP would like to share this tidbit where Annapolis Politics wrote, "Republicans debate in the realm of ideas. We believe in individual responsibility and lack of government control whenever possible. The entirety of conservative ideology stems from here. AP fears that this charade will remove focus from the real meaning of being a Republican at a time when we can least afford it. "

Please! Please keep fighting and debating and arguing. We want to see GOP disunity especially at this time when you can least afford it. Heck-why should the D's have a stranglehold on disunity and fractionalism?

CP must respectfully disagree with AP. The R party is not a party of ideas, but like all parties, is a party with some ideas, but in the case of the R's, most of them are bad. For example, invading Iraq. Would that be under the good idea list or the bad idea list?

How about privatizing social security. private? social? private? Well, which one?

Here is my take in very general (and sort of tongue in cheek) terms about Republican ideas: 1. I've got mine. Go get yours--which I will of course work to make nearly impossible. 2. If I've benefitted from years of government and social controls at your expense, why should I be harmed now because government wants you to have some benefits? 3. I believe in socialism---for me. For you, capitalism will be fine. (Think about this--corporate bailouts, cutting taxes for the rich, all kinds of tax write-offs, etc.)

As for this supposed R belief in lack of governmental control wherever possible, that always seems to end when someone wants to, say for example, smoke a joint, or when a man wants to have sex with a man, or when an unmarried man and woman have sex, or when anyone wants to do anything in their bedroom or what an R thinks is immoral, etc., etc.....

And let's not forget that it was President Bill Clinton himself who said, "the era of big government is over" (not that we actually believed it, but he did bring the deficit to almost ZERO) while Dubya himself has presided over the largest military and bureaucratic expansion in history and raised our deficit to astronomic levels. Oh--and Bush did all this with R's running Congress. And finally, do you feel that our bigger and bigger government under all these years of R domination has led to more or to less governmental control in our lives???

Read my lips--no new ideas.

Okay bring it on. I know the conservative bloggers will have my scalp now. CP does not love or hate any political party. He just sees the Dems as generally being the lesser of two evils. Sort of like poison or suffocation.


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