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Thursday, September 6, 2007


The Washington Post has discovered there is crime in Annapolis. See this article (sorry-you will need to copy and paste)
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A few things stand out from this article. As expected, Mayor Mayor continues to point her finger and rail away at critics:

"We're doing a variety of different things to secure public safety," Moyer said, "and a continuous drumroll of a handful of malcontents or people who are running for public office doesn't serve the public well."

(Well Madame Mayor, a handful of news releases does not serve us well either! Were you referring to CP? We hope so....CP is now officially a malcontent because he is about the only one left NOT running for Mayor)

The article goes on to say:

"Although some Annapolitans fear that Moyer's policy statements have reinforced the image that the city is in the throes of a crime wave, there is a consensus that the initiatives address long-standing issues."

There is a consensus? Huh? How could a reporter say such a thing? What consensus? Did he do a poll? Talk to a hundred folks at random? CP's consensus on this is REPORTERS SHOULD REPORT!!!

"Another concern is police recruitment. Annapolis and other jurisdictions are struggling to recruit and retain police personnel as officers continue to be deployed to Iraq through National Guard commitments. Five officers from the department have gone to Iraq this spring, Moyer said. Annapolis has 110 officers, she said, about 22 fewer than the city budgeted for."

The Mayor has finally figured this out...we think. The reporter should know that it is improper to end a sentence in a preposition, as in "about 22 fewer than the city budgeted for." The correct way to write that would have been, "about 22 fewer than the city budgeted for--you suckers!"

While CP is on prepositions and crime, here is a punny joke:

Q: Why is the electric chair period furiniture?
A: Because it ends a sentence.

Well--we are Capital Punishment, so there is a pun about capital punishment.


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