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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CP ATTEMPTS TO UNTANGLE BUDGET/DEFICIT and fails...but manages to strike a cord with legislators

I'm the kind of guy who wants a flat consumption tax because I cannot figure out how much I owe every year without paying an accountant two days of my salary for his four hours of work. Let's eliminate income tax and the IRS and just tax those who have the bucks to buy lots of things. Then our legislators could stop focusing on tax, tax, tax and when they campaign they could quit lying about it too.
But I digress. CP attended a special seminar for other bloggers put on by a most informed and intelligent Senator Rich Madaleno of Montgomery County. CP gained some insight, and yet became more confused. The next day he was at a breakfast for District 30 lawmakers put on by The Maryland Prosperity Project (http://www.marylandprosperity.org/). The MPP is an interesting nonpartisan coalition which educates MD employers and workers about issues that impact job security. MPP encourages participation in government and voting.

This budget stuff may not be rocket science, but it's close. Overall, O'Malley's plan seems to be more of a restructuring that a real tax raise. Of course, sales and auto titling will go up, but supposedly, income tax will go down. However, if the goal is to increase revenue, and it does that, it's got to come from somewhere (read you and me.) I guess we'll just have to trust the great legislative minds who have returned to Annapolis to sort this out and look after our interests.

What am I-nuts? I could be.

At the breakfast CP managed to sit next to and have a pleasant and productive conversation with Delegate Don Dwyer--yes the ultra conservative, lightning rod legislator from Pasadena--and I liked him. I mean we listened to each other, had a good exchange of ideas, and found things upon which to agree. Of course we did not discuss God, guns or gays, except a bit about civil marriage, where we both again, found common ground. He has not invited me out hunting yet or to his moonshine still, and I have not invited him to my secret, underground, subversive study cell, but.... Delegate Ron George told the group that 41 of the 44 bills already proposed will be heard in his committee--this week! All this while he runs a busy jewelry store (at the beginning of the huge holiday season)and raises a house full of kids.

Say what you will about all those self-serving, pocket lining, greedy, bumbling buffoons that have again arrived in Annapolis, but my experience is that most, but certainly not all, are hard-working, dedicated men and women who are serving us. And every single one of them has consistently told CP that they welcome our input, and they want to hear from us and have us involved.

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Ted said...

There are actually quite a few non-essential services that Maryland could expand the sales tax to, without resorting to the Governor's threatened cuts (including hundreds of millions from schools). The complete list is online at http://www.taxadmin.org/fta/pub/services/services2004.xls.

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