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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MAYOR AND HACA...again...

Your other local political blogger at Annapolis Politics, has a good post about the ongoing ridiculousness between the Mayor and the Housing Authority (mainly on the Mayor's part, I might add...) at In this post, he includes a recent letter from HACA Director Eric Brown from The Capital (See-all media exist in a contagion!!).

AP publisher Brian Gill repeats what CP has been saying for months with his commentary:
"Mayor Moyer has been somewhat famously uncooperative when it comes to collaboration with other local jurisdictions. While we have have sister cities in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Estonia, Canada, and Brazil-- and a soon to be sister city in England--we have seen little cooperation with the county that surrounds us. Transportation, police, and fire are departments that could easily enjoy economies of scale savings, were they to be combined or partially merged."


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