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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


At his most recent visit to City Hall, CP found a week's worth of newspapers IN PLASTIC BAGS (Alderman Shropshire--are you listening???) piling up on the sidewalk at the steps to City Hall. Each of these PLASTIC BAGS contained an issue of The Examiner from Baltimore, each one addressed to Mayor and Senior Staff. CP stooped to remove these papers, as it was obvious that neither the Mayor nor her Senior Staff could be bothered, and brought them in to City Hall, when lo and behold, one member of the Mayor's Senior Staff happened along to see what CP was doing. This Senior Staff member, who is nominally in charge of the city's environmental initiatives, received the news in a humorous manner, but otherwise seemed unconcerned.

You may ask yourself, so what? However, CP contends that this seemingly minor incident is indicative of a lax attitude and even, yes, even hypocrisy. It shows contempt for how the entrance to City Hall looks, contempt for the news, and the apparent inability of anyone to even see what is egregiously unsightly or to, heaven forbid, stoop to do anything about it. But worse of all, is the PLASTIC BAG issue (by the way, CP is never delivered in a plastic bag, but The Capital is every day...) AND THE FACT THAT OUR MAYOR IS SUCH A NUT ABOUT LITTERING that she even had her own (taxpayer funded) anti-littering campaign with some kind of smiley flower mascot--what was its name? Regina Daisy Lacey Mae Dale Lady Bird something or other??? Yet she and her Senior Staff let trash pile up in front of City Hall.....(maybe they were just holding it for recycling???) as if they do not even see it.


Scott Bowling said...

Is this senior staff member to the Mayor known or identifiable?

I think it is important to know, as we are spending an awful lot of time debating legislation regarding plastic bags, and holding summits to save the earth and environment.

PAUL said...

Scott: CP determined his identity was not central to the story and this person's reaction, or lack thereof, did not merit special attention. The point, of course, is that the Mayor and many city employees walked by this pile every day and did nothing. The fact that these papers were all in plastic and all addressed to "Mayor and senior staff" just makes it all the more absurd. Where is Lacey Ann Regina when she is most needed? Thanks for the comment. Keep 'em coming!

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