Thursday, November 1, 2007


Anne Arundel County Republican Delegate Tony McConkey appears to be in trouble....again. According to today's Capital http://www.capitalonline.com/cgi-bin/read/2007/11_01-31/TOP, McConkey is a defendant in a lawsuit for violating a court order and misappropriating proceeds from a home sale. According to The Capital, he is involved in buying and selling foreclosed homes.

Here is what else was reported by The Capital:
"Before Mr. McConkey was first elected to office, The Capital revealed a long list of legal, business and criminal problems he failed to mention on the campaign trail.
He was given probation before judgment on a 1992 battery charge, but explained that the case was a dispute between a landlord and a tenant that escalated too far.
Mr. McConkey was voluntarily disbarred as an attorney in 1995 for misappropriation of funds, but said he never had any clients other than himself and gave up his career because he was broke and depressed over a bad business deal.
He also had his real estate broker's license revoked and was fined $2,000."

CP reported on a visit to McConkey's office during the previous legislative session, wherein he told a group of Green Party activists that he was not only in favor of capital punishment (not this blog, silly!) but said that "I think we need to kill more people." However, he was firmly opposed to abortion and could not understand why Green activists could be opposed to the death penalty and support abortion. His general demeanor and comments made CP and the rest of the Green Party activists shudder. Here is a proposition for you Delegate McConkey--I'll support state sponsored executions for elected officials who commit white collar crime. Will you join me in favor of that? When will someone foreclose on you being in the house--The House of Delegates???

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Matt and Ashley Smith said...

He did a similar thing to my sister. Sold her a house he bought in foreclosure, put a lien against her current house for $50,000 then foreclosed when they couldn't afford to pay it off in 1 year. And now is suing them for legal fees.

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