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Thursday, November 1, 2007


CP has long bemoaned the fact that the weekly Anne Arundel Extra section of the Washington Post is an anemic bore, consisting mainly of press release regurgitation, sports scores, crime and home sales listings and occasionally an actual story or feature requiring a reporter to give the appearance of having done some work. What a disappointment. CP grew up with the Washington Post each morning and the old Washington Star in the afternoon. CP has known many of its editors and reporters and their familes, among them some of its most celebrated "stars". It's just an incredible newspaper, so why does it put together such a pitiful excuse for a local insert?

Here is just one example to make this point taken from today's section, The Post decided it needed to report on what is already "old" news, the resignation of Alderman Mike Christman. A caption under a picture of Christman says he did not offer a reason for stepping down. Wuh? It's been reported everywhere else. How about the fact that he has sold the contents of his home and moved to Australia where his wife got a job (hmmm...annapolis? Australia??? decisions, decisions...). Does that count for a reason?

Three of the ten paragraphs refer to the last special election in the city, almost a year ago, but what is missing is what is so ridiculous. There is not a mention of which candidates have stepped forward to declare their intention to run. That's what most folks want to know--who is running? Democract Debbie Rosen Mckerrow and Green Karen Jennings were not even mentioned in this story. What is wrong with The Post? Click here and judge for yourself.


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